Marimba and Dance-Theatre – A History – Gilmar Goulart


Joelma and Gilmar
Joelma e Gilmar, 2011 (Foto por Marcelo Brum)

Friends since “last century”, the work of Joelma Rannov do Carmo and Gilmar Goulart had its beginnings in 2005, when Joelma started her work for her graduation monologue in the Theater degree at the Federal University of Santa Maria. Invited to create the soundtrack (a live performance) Gilmar worked with only a few percussion instruments to capture the atmosphere of the characters Ana Terra (by Érico Veríssimo) and Lídia (by Nélson Gonçalves) – the major factor in choosing the instruments was: not to carry too much weight!

The result was a partnership made of a lot of conversation, laughter, stories – and drums going up/down the stairs of the Center of Arts, research, dialogues and experimentation.
Graduation time came in April 2006, then a few more performances, in and out of town. But the partnership came to a close, they went separate ways for quite a long time. However, it was interesting to notice that they kept meeting here and there, but could not find a way or time to work together again.

Finally, in 2011, came the moment of their reunion, of rediscovering the joy and magic of creating together, with music for marimba and dance. There was nothing set in the way they were going to work, except the music that was to be performed, and the time to prepare it – a lot shorter than before, just over two months.

To this project came Luiza De Rossi – actress, director, light designer, who brought a personalized view of the stage act, jumped on the train, and became a full time member. She brought lights, colors, and a vision from outside which allowed her to realize other ways, other possibilities.

The resulting performance was extremely pleasant for both of them, and some other opportunities came by: at the V International Meeting of Percussionists, in Tatuí-SP (11/11/11), a sample of how the percussion public liked their work; and at São Paulo State University (UNESP).

In 2012 the project grew, with two more works, more research, long months of rehearsals, talks, costume search, tango lessons… The most important moment happened in September, when they performed at the VI International Festival of Marimbists, in Mexico (city of Villahermosa, state of Tabasco) – their first international venture.

In 2013, this work, life and art project continues, with the search of individual and group dreams – two, three people, artists, who can talk, laugh, rehearse, and create without losing their individual personalities, and without losing sight of the beauty of the arts they take to the stage and to the public.