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CD “The World of Marimba”

Recorded at Master Studio in Santa Maria, during the Carnival week of 1998, it includes a selection of original works for marimba solo. They were chosen from a long list of works that I had performed at recitals before, and many good ones were left off.

Patricio Orozco-Contreras was the recording engineer.

This recording was an interesting and rewarding experience, with many lessons learned for the future. One of them: tell the graphic designer who is creating the cover art what colors you do not like! Red is there, but it was quite a shock…

A favorite one is “The Veil of Veronica”, by my British friend Craig Grosvenor—its roots on Palestrina’s music usually take the audience to a spiritual journey not common in marimba music. Another one which is lovely to play is “The Muse of Mallets, part I”, by James Ure.

This CD was recorded in a Yamaha Marimba, model YM6000. Later it was exchanged for the YM5100 model.

The World of Marimba
“The World of Marimba” – capa (arte: Daniela Oliveira & Ana Carolina Santurion)


Dear friend Cláudia Deltrégia on piano, new friend Antonella Pareschi on violin, fellow percussion teacher Carlos Contreras and students Heron Oliveira and Rodrigo Bernardon also performing on the CD – a happy collaboration, with happy people.

There are four new commissioned works, plus an old one from some years ago (by Porto Alegre pianist Hubertus Hoffman); a world premiere recording (“Toccata for Marimba and Piano”, by Eric Ewazen), and first Brazilian recording of a duet for violin and marimba (by David P. Jones).

Once more Patricio was the recording engineer, the only (almost) Brazilian known to have the ability to record a marimba.

Recorded on an Yamaha YM5100 (also known as “Callisto, the marimba).

>> Led Zeppelin made its way onto the CD: “move me while you…” by Timothy Buckman is inspired by the songs’ energy and power of this great heavy metal band!

The Moods of Marimba
“The Moods of Marimba” – capa (arte: Ingrid Noal Schirmer)
“The Moods of Marimba” - interna
“The Moods of Marimba” – interna (foto: Foto Eleonora / Vilmar Rossi Jr. – artista gráfico))